Kind Words

I have been a patient of Leslie Prairie for over four years. When I originally came to see Leslie, I was in debilitating pain and fatigue from fibromyalgia among other complaints. Regular treatments have resolved that pain and my overall health has dramatically improved. I don’t understand everything about the art and science of acupuncture, but I know I feel better every time I leave the clinic and the accumulative effects have been remarkable. It is a treat to visit a practitioner who genuinely cares about you and takes the time to get to the core of the health issue. The Artisan Acupuncture clinic is in a charming part of Northeast Minneapolis and the space is calming and inviting. I highly recommend Leslie at Artisan Acupuncture. – L.S.

Over the past three years, Leslie Prairie has used her skills and gifts as an acupuncturist to help me find healing and relief from plantar fasciitis, arthritis and peripheral neuropathy. Along with physical healing has come a sense of well-being and renewed energy that always seems to accompany me out the door of Leslie’s clinic. With gratitude I sing the praises of acupuncture, and of my own practitioner, Leslie. – N.H.

I have had acupuncture from Leslie to help with different obstacles in pregnancy and motherhood. She is so genuine – with her passion for helping you to feel better and the gentleness of her treatments. The treatments were very effective, I recommend her for disorders of pregnancy and birth – insomnia, back pain, nausea, and recovery/lactation. Leslie is caring, knowledgeable, and the treatments are effective! -T.B.

The “healing touch” of Leslie at Artisan Acupuncture will leave you with a tingle and reminder of your life’s purpose. Highly recommended! – K.T.

Leslie treated me several years ago for depression and some digestive problems. She was an important part of my ‘team’ of health care providers. Her professionalism, compassion, and desire to see my health restored gave me confidence in her abilities and filled me with hope that together we would overcome the issues I was having. I don’t like pain, and don’t particularly care for needles, and Leslie made every appointment comfortable and stress-free. She truly cares about each and every one of her clients, is very easy to talk to, and goes above and beyond by including extras like relaxing massage and Reiki when appropriate. She also shared some good information on things I could do on my own to aid in my digestive issues. I experienced relief from my symptoms thanks to her treatments, and I highly recommend her. -M.H.

I hadn’t tried acupuncture before, but I’m sold on it now. I had stressed my LCL/knee tendon to the point of barely being able to walk and was in A LOT of pain. After one treatment with Leslie I could stand upright and put more weight on that leg! The day after treatment I could straighten my leg and put my full weight on it. Not only was Leslie’s treatment fast and effective, she really listened to me, was attentive and tuned in. I highly recommend her! -C.B

I have been seeing Leslie for several months now. I had been in a long, dark tunnel, and am now basking in sunshine. I look forward to my appointments, really value Leslie’s therapy and insights, and am feeling stronger every week. Thank you, Leslie! -A.F.

I had never had acupuncture before. I was struggling with carpal tunnel syndrome and thought surgery was my only option. I decided to give acupuncture a try since I wasn’t crazy about getting surgery. Leslie made me so comfortable and explained everything she was going to do for the acupuncture. I am happy to say that after several treatments my carpal tunnel is 85% better! Leslie also treated my plantar fasciitis that has bothered my feet for more years than I can say, and it has improved a ton! Thank you, Leslie! -C.H.

Far too often the treatment for depression is focused on the use of an antidepressant and several critical aspects for recovery are overlooked. What Leslie is doing at Artisan Acupuncture is so incredibly important as it adds additional tools for those who struggle with depression. Leslie is a knowledgeable and caring practitioner. – M.M

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