“The Great Physician’s Absolute Sincerity”

Sun Simiao (581-682 AD) is considered one of the great physicians of Chinese medicine. He stressed prevention and the importance of living life on the middle path. Here is a short excerpt from Sun Simiao in a chapter on Ethics.

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Feel Those Feelings!

I read an article yesterday entitled Bitterness Can Ruin Your Health which spoke of a young man experiencing racism who went on to develop a debilitating heart condition at a young age.? The article cited studies that have shown carrying

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A Planter of Seeds

I am living my dream and you are in it.? I love having you come to the cozy clinic space.? I appreciate having time to listen to your words describing your aches and pains, your digestive ailments, your depression or

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Happy Birthday Franz Liszt

My teenage daughter and I have found common ground with the radio while driving in the car.? We both love listening to classical music.? MPR is our station of choice and this week we noticed that we were hearing a

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Heat, insomnia and school: the connection

Posted on September 15, 2011 During an excellent class exercise this week, I was deeply moved by the lack of sleep my students get, how emotionally frazzled they are and how much heat their poor young bodies are generating. In

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Hot enough?

Summer is a time when energy is moving freely? You see your neighbors out and about more in the summer than you do in the dark days of winter. Plants are energetically growing as well.? I notice that as soon

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Hug a Tree

I was up at the family cabin? on Lake Superior on the 4th of July.? How lucky to have this special place to run to for some R and R.? Over the years however, I have discovered that it is

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Meal Planning: One Key For Success

Being spontaneous and eating by the hip sounds super hip and enlightening but for most of us, especially when other eaters are thrown into the mix, does not offer large potential in eating and cooking successfully. What works for me

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Complementary and Alternative medicine?

After the years of study and practice, I now have trouble thinking in these terms.? This medicine seems like such a logical, and “normal” way to maintain health.? It has low risk of side effects, it’s a safe and natural

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