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Urban Farming

I recently attended a Northeast Network meeting which focused on the topic of Urban Agriculture.? Several speakers represented organizations that are working to improve the availability of nutritious, local food in our community. As if that weren’t task enough, they

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The Wisdom of Spring-Cleaning

Giving your body a spring-clean after the long winter is a concept that still has relevance today.? Although we no longer survive on stored food through the winter, we have the modern-day problems of excess, processed foods, and stressful lifestyles.

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Yummy and Nourishing

Here is something I tried last night and after I ate it, I felt like I was Popeye (when he opens the can of spinach, downs it and grows great big biceps.) It was so delicious and nourishing.? This was

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Hot enough?

Summer is a time when energy is moving freely? You see your neighbors out and about more in the summer than you do in the dark days of winter. Plants are energetically growing as well.? I notice that as soon

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Meal Planning: One Key For Success

Being spontaneous and eating by the hip sounds super hip and enlightening but for most of us, especially when other eaters are thrown into the mix, does not offer large potential in eating and cooking successfully. What works for me

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