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Visualizing a Better Life

One key to achieving what you want-whether it is better health or a better job- may lie in your ability to visualize it.? Using mental imagery is something that I have talked about with many of you in the clinic

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The Wisdom of Spring-Cleaning

Giving your body a spring-clean after the long winter is a concept that still has relevance today.? Although we no longer survive on stored food through the winter, we have the modern-day problems of excess, processed foods, and stressful lifestyles.

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Celebrating Mental Health

I applaud all of you who have taken time to pay attention to your mental health, to pay attention to what your spirit is telling you, to realize that this has a very real effect on the way your physical

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Feel Those Feelings!

I read an article yesterday entitled Bitterness Can Ruin Your Health which spoke of a young man experiencing racism who went on to develop a debilitating heart condition at a young age.? The article cited studies that have shown carrying

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