Artisan Acupuncture uses an integrative approach to treating infertility. Many who come seeking Chinese medicine treatment for infertility, have often been seen and treated by Western medicine practitioners. It is important to incorporate the two paradigms, looking closely at the menstrual cycle, basal body temperature, sperm counts, and even hormone levels if they have been examined. These Western concepts can easily be applied to traditional Chinese medicine and are useful in making an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.

There are many, many questions to consider and many possible scenarios for treatment. Acupuncture, herbs, lifestyle changes, dietary modifications and exercise plans may be employed in combinations, to reach the desired outcome…a positive pregnancy test.

The relationship between the patient(s) and practitioner is very important due to the intimate nature of information being discussed. The relationship can also be a lengthy and emotional one as well. This is well understood at Artisan Acupuncture, where compassion and empathy are practiced whole-heartedly.