Hot enough?

Summer is a time when energy is moving freely? You see your neighbors out and about more in the summer than you do in the dark days of winter. Plants are energetically growing as well.? I notice that as soon as I start getting my weekly delivery of farm veggies, it seems my fingernails grow out of control and I have to cut them every few days.? Chinese medicine theory advises that the heat can have effects on the heart system.? Now, this doesn’t mean that we will have heart problems, but from a Chinese medicine perspective, we have to take care to protect the yang qi energy that flows out of the body.? Sweat is the “fluid of the heart” and we have all been sweating these past few days. Excessive sweating is said to scatter the heart qi which can result in symptoms of irritability,? insomnia, restlessness and low spirit.?? With the excessive heat and humidity, additional symptoms related to electrolyte imbalance may occur such as lack of appetite, weakness, lethargy, and loose stools.? Eating foods that keep the body balanced and cool can be very helpful.? Try some cucumbers, strawberries, watermelon, mung beans, tomato, lotus seed,? and fish.? Adding foods that are cooked and avoiding greasy, fried foods, will also be helpful if you are experiencing digestive difficulties in this hot weather.? Enjoy these long sunny days while they last!

~Leslie Prairie L.Ac.

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