Visualizing a Better Life

One key to achieving what you want-whether it is better health or a better job- may lie in your ability to visualize it.? Using mental imagery is something that I have talked about with many of you in the clinic setting.? I have told a story of my ?dream house notebook? where I used to paste magazine cuttings about home style and design.? This notebook was put away for many years and one day the topic of mental imagery came up and I dug out the notebook to discover that my house, a decade later, was filled with many of these cut-out images I had dreamed about.

Whether you dream of home style, running a 10k, nailing down your dream-job, or realizing better health, actually doing it, and dreaming it, can activate many of the same neural pathways, nerve cells that link what your body does to the brain impulses that control it. Imagining yourself doing tasks or movements can help you get better at doing them.? For example, I am currently imagining that my gallstones are dissolving and leaving my body (with the help of Li Dan Pian an herbal formula.)

Our mental imagery can stimulate the sympathetic nervous system (think fight or flight response) comparable to those recorded during the actual physical executions of the same action. I?m not saying that you can dream yourself into a situation beyond your capabilities (or I?d be flying across town with wings instead of driving a car) but it can be very helpful in achieving your goals.

Visualization takes some practice.? You? should use as many details as possible when conjuring up an image.? Use your senses to hear, feel, touch, taste and see what you?re trying to achieve.? Write down the story, or keep a journal filled with pictures you?ve cut-out or drawn.? Make sure that you are being authentic to your real self.?

When I am placing acupuncture needles, I think of the point, its actions and indications, and why I?m using it in the prescription.? I try to visualize how it can address your health concerns.? Sometimes I select a point specifically to activate your mind to help in the healing process.? Even if you?re not visualizing, I?m doing it for you.? Let?s begin to imagine this together and see what happens!?

Leslie Prairie, L.Ac.

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