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Visualizing a Better Life

One key to achieving what you want-whether it is better health or a better job- may lie in your ability to visualize it.? Using mental imagery is something that I have talked about with many of you in the clinic

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Back Pain

I recently had the opportunity to treat a new patient who came to me with some serious sciatic pain.? This is a very common condition that occurs when the long sciatic nerve gets compressed due to lumbar disc herniation, inflammation,

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Experiencing Pain? Act Quickly!

It is always my goal with any patient to make strides toward improving health and to successfully treat the “chief complaint.”? We work together toward meeting these health goals and then ultimately, one becomes a “wellness patient.”? I would love

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Feel Those Feelings!

I read an article yesterday entitled Bitterness Can Ruin Your Health which spoke of a young man experiencing racism who went on to develop a debilitating heart condition at a young age.? The article cited studies that have shown carrying

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