Experiencing Pain? Act Quickly!

It is always my goal with any patient to make strides toward improving health and to successfully treat the “chief complaint.”? We work together toward meeting these health goals and then ultimately, one becomes a “wellness patient.”? I would love to have a practice filled with wellness patients, those who have been successful in achieving comfort from that which was ailing them.? I see these patients once every month, or six weeks to maintain the healthy lifestyle.? It is said that in the ancient times, the physician in China was paid when the village was well.? I love this model as it gives great incentive for patient and practitioner to maintain health and to stay on top of illness and disease.

The reason I love this model can be illustrated with this case study.

“Jane” is a current wellness patient and was seeing me once a month when she got up one day with terrible pain in her heel and realized that she probably had plantar fascitis. This is something she had not experienced before.? Anyone who has had this knows that it’s a painful inflammatory condition involving the sole of the foot and creates a situation where walking is very uncomfortable, especially when first getting up in the morning, or after sitting for a period of time.

Being a wellness patient, Jane knew that Chinese medicine could treat many conditions and scheduled an appointment right away to see if acupuncture would help.? After only five treatments, Jane’s pain was completely resolved.

So many people wait when they experience health issues.? We are stoic, tough, and hope that the condition will resolve by itself (which can and does happen.? The body is amazing that way.)? But many times years will pass before health issues resolve, and often, they will become chronic. I see that people will spend many weeks, months and years in pain, spend many dollars on shoes and custom orthotics, or many sessions in physical therapy to remain in misery.? Often times, people come to Chinese medicine as a “last resort.”? They have exhausted every other treatment modality.? My wish is for more and more people to do as Jane did and that is to make an appointment right away.? This medicine is really astonishing when applied quickly in these situations.? Wait a few months or years, and a course of treatment can take much longer.

Don’t remain in pain. Make an appointment right away.? You’re not being a big baby, you’re treating yourself with kindness.

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